My self

im Hasan al Marzooqi may hobbies is nowing about cars

Saturday, August 02, 2003

My name is hasan ali al marzooqi. I come from the U.A.E. At the moment, I am studying at the petroleum Institute. I studied at the Abu Dhabi International Private School.
This year, I’ll be going to the Eleventh grade.

My friend, ahmad ismael,he comes from al samha, UAE. He likes horse riding, surfing the net, and picking fights.

He dislikes waking up early for school, traveling, and silly people.

He hopes to have better computing skills at the end of this summer.

He wants to be a doctor in the future.

My opinion about him is that he is an interesting man. He is fun to be around and could be a very good friend.

My partner’s name is Mohammed. He comes from Bani Yas. He likes to watch movies, play video games & swim. He doesn’t like to travel abroad, study history or wake up early. He hopes to improve his English at the Petroleum Institute this summer. He wants to be a chemical engineer and after 5 years from now to serve his homeland.

My friend’s name is hasan and he is from Abu Dhabi. He likes computers, running and diving. Also he likes spending time with his family. He doesn’t like watching TV, listening to music and noise. He wants to improve his English and learn more about computers and how to make a website. Ali is looking forward to being a chemical engineer because he wishes to serve his country.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I'm hasan al marzoooqi. I'm 16 years old. Myhobbies is scuba diving and swimming and sitting with family. The thing that i don't like are smoking and fighting and eating too much I join the P.I to improve my english and meeting new friends. I would to work as an michanikal engenyr so i cane help my cuntry.

Ford Synergy 2010

Produced in 1996, Synergy 2010 was Ford's forward-looking vision of a family car for the year 2010. It featured a hybrid power system: a 1.0 litre direct-injection petrol engine which fed an electric motor.
The Synergy was extremeley light for a car, weighing in at just one ton thanks to it's construction from lightweight materials. The vehicle also showcased other futuristic features including "air fences" which dictated the car's highly advanced aerodynamic styling and voice-activated controls partnered to instruments featuring computer animation. It was even possible to issue verbal commands to call up various functions.


Moller M400 Skycar

Imagine this: your daily trip to the office at 350mph with no traffic jams, no roadworks and a cruising altitude of 30,000 feet.
Dr Paul Moller, a Canadian-born US engineer, to design, develop, manufacture and market personal vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL).The M400 is by no means Moller's first project.The power for the vehicle comes from eight small 120hp Rotapower engines, a derivative of the Wankel engine designed in 1957 by Felix Wankel and best known for its use in the Mazda RX7.


Wearable Computing

A wearable computer is a computer that is subsumed into the personal space of the user, controlled by the user, and has both operational and interactional constancy, i.e. is always on and always accessible. Most notably, it is a device that is always with the user, and into which the user can always enter commands and execute a set of such entered commands, and in which the user can do so while walking around or doing other activities.


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